8. Bikini


I made my first #100list purchase last week. I didn’t even really mean to make a purchase. I do technically have a bikini but being cursed blessed with a  fuller chest, I am always on the lookout for things that are specially designed for ladies in my position. Frankly, I think bikini models must be photoshopped to the nth degree, because they look like they have “full” chests but the bikinis never look the same on me!

ImageI adore this bikini! Because a) it has UNDERWIRE  but its  HIDDEN and b) it’s an adorable print. I can actually do something active in this top and be okay, because my others, I could only walk at a slow pace carefully. I am not saying I could run a marathon but I could partake in some beach volleyball. I love this print! Too many bikinis for fuller chests are made for people thrice my age, but this one still has a young feel. The ties on the bottom is a cute touch and the straps are removable.Image

PLUS, I can always pair the top with a plain navy or red bottom if I wanted to change it up! I bought the bikini from this adorable store, I smile every time I see the name. Plus since it was a lingerie store, they made sure the cups fit correctly, which is kind of a big deal. The brand is Panache, I cannot wait to see what new bikinis they have out next summer.


The material looks super durable (something NG says to look for) which is great because I HATE it when there are bumps on the fabric from being pulled. NG says not to rock a pattern because it’s not classic enough but I think this is a classic nautical pattern, so I am fine for a couple of seasons. Frankly, I have never meet a bikini that lives past 5 years. And this one is sexy yet tame enough to wear to the beach with family or friends. I think Bikinis need to be versatile, because you are paying a lot of money for something you will not wear all that often. Plus having a few different options to mix it up is a definite plus in case you are going on a short trip!


What’s your favorite bikini? Can there be such a thing? 

Page 6: Road Trippin’

My father and I drove the 17 plus hours to DC to drop off my stuff. It should have been 15 hours but Uhauls really don’t go over 65 mph. Next time on the interstate you see a Uhaul going slow, don’t honk at them. Thank them for being responsible because sometimes driving that thing is SCARY. Especially turns. And low trees.  We did the normal road trip things: stopped at Cracker Barrel and strange convenience stores.Image Cracker Barrel brings back such childhood memories for me. I remember playing this silly game every single time with my brother, it was always a contest over who would win. We never did that great, but we always had fun playing. Now I still enjoy playing with my father and the country store in the front always has the coolest trinkets.

ImageI-95 in Georgia isn’t a bad drive. There are tons of rivers, creeks, streams, and other water ways which the Georgia state has seen fit to post signs about. We spent most of the 130ish miles just reading the names. And counting Georgia Highway Patrol cars. Again, lucky for us the Uhaul doesn’t go over 70 MPH.  ImageNothing quite like a clean made bed to plunk down in for a few restful hours of sleep before hitting the road the next day. I swear this hotel in North Carolina must have just opened because everything smelled and looked brand spankin’ new. It was quite perfect for us!Knee

I spent most of the drive like this because I have tendinitis apparently in my knee. Fun stuff. Nothing like trying to move an apartment’s worth of stuff on an injured knee. Image

The best feeling was when it was empty. And we didn’t get a ticket. Phew.

Ever moved like this before? I feel like I still forgot half my stuff, oh well. What’s the longest road trip you have ever been on? Any good tips, should I have to do this again? 

24. Cowboy Boots


My cowboy boots are not fancy, heck they aren’t even so casual they are cool. They do not come from some fancy store in Texas like Nina recommends, in fact they come from Rack Room Shoes. They are like cowboy booties, they come up just past my ankle. I only purchased them because we were buying boots for B’s horse camp and it just happened they had the same boots in adult sizes too.

At the time, I figured I would wear them to some costume party eventually and that would be it. So maybe 3 wears at $20 dollars, they weren’t going to be a terrible waste of money (I am looking at you, Cole Haan boots that do not flatter my calves). My Cowboy boots sat unused in my closet taking up precious shoe space for months. Paralyzed I would be called out as an impostor, I did not touch them. I was living in the real South. I didn’t want to look dreadfully out of place(which being from a coastal Floridian city, I am not considered a southern by myself nor others). I saw the other girls in their fancy cowboy boots that had actually been worn on a horse and was instantly jealous. I wanted that cool look of I just threw on these old things but hey look my shoes sparkle.


One chilly Friday evening, I was going to an arts festival and the boots just called to me.  I wore them with a dress and it just seemed right as I was getting ready. The festival was at night in fall and the boots provided the right amount of warmth. And at a quaisi hipster festival, I figured I would fit right in. Well I would stick out, which is fitting in. They turned out to be perfect for that night.Slowly after that I started venturing wearing them other places as well. Anything that seemed to have a fall/southern theme to it (antiquing, bbq festivals, fall parades), I instantly knew to pull out my boots.

Recently, I have tried line dancing. A Saloon close to my house (yes, it’s called that Saloon) has free line dancing lessons once a week. It’s become almost ritualistic that I go each week. Each week, I pair them with a dress and try to look like a local. I may stick out with my pretty frocks but my boots blend in just well and frankly they are comfier than most of my beloved wedges. The heel is just enough that I can “dig” with the best of them but my heels don’t ache at the end of the night.


With fall fast approaching, I know I will be reaching for my cowboy boots again and again. Hey, maybe this season they might see some action on a horse! Have any better suggestions for how to pull off the cowboy boot look? I am always looking to expand my wardrobe horizons!

P.S. I can’t help but think of this song every time I put on my cowboy boots! It’s just so darn catchy! 

Bastille Day 2013

bastille Day

Bastille Day is my second favorite holiday, after my birthday,of course, if we are going to be honest. Independence Day is good and all but the Americans only signed a strongly worded document on that day. On Bastille Day, the French tore down a castle BY HAND. To be fair, they thought they were getting weapons and freeing political prisoners in castle. It turns out there were 7 people being held and I am pretty sure the revolutionaries wanted those 7 still locked up afterwards. Unfortunately, the Marquis De Sade was moved 10 days prior, and the 7 lucky souls left consisted of 4 forgers, 2 lunatics, and a drunk aristocrat but hey, there was plenty of gun powder. Plus the French were green before it was even cool, they reused the stones from the Bastille to build a bridge in Paris. Smart.

Enough of the history lesson, here are some of my favorite ways to celebrate this great holiday (plus, people are always overloaded with July 4th invitations, July 14th seems to always be open!) I love eating crepes, good cheeses and drinking champagne, seriously how are you not in love with this holiday already? Whether you have a low key picnic à la Provence or an elegant dinner party, you can’t go wrong celebrating this great holiday. So whip out the bleu, blanc, et rouge, which is now on sale everywhere and have a fête!

Bastille Day 2013

1) A French cheese plate 2) I have this crepe maker and adore it! It is so easy to use and turns out large crepes! Parfait! 3) A cute French film for an evening in 4) Why just serve Champagne with you can make a Champagne punch? This looks better than a Mimosa. 5) Eiffel napkins, easily DIY  6) Macaroons!

P.S. The night before, everyone goes to big block parties at your local Firefighter Stations. It is a blast! My only fear was that someone would have a fire and everyone would be having too much of a good time to notice!

A Summer Spritzer: Berries + Brut

ImageSummer is to be enjoyed with sand between your toes and cool drinks in your hands. Summer plans always seem so spur of the moment to me. Perhaps it is because the Floridian weather is so fickle, you have to quickly dash to capture the sun before the rain clouds strikes.  Or perhaps it is because everyone seems to be more relaxed, plans are not as concrete as in other seasons. In winter, you want to escape the elements. In summer, you want to embrace the elements.

Here is a fast summer spritzer, perfect any impromptu gathering. I whipped this up about 3 hours prior to making a mad dash to soak up the setting sun. I mixed it (took 5 minutes) and then just let it chill in the refrigerator till I left. We missed the showers by 15 minutes (see? Fickle!).

It was the perfect finishing touch to delightful picnic at the beach. Picnics are perhaps my favorite way to dine, there is something so refined yet so casual about them. Whether it be a picnic for two or twenty, formal or informal, picnics are always a good time. I like to serve drinks in Mason jars at picnics because they are easy to transport, have lids (a must when outside or traveling with portioned drinks!) and are easy to set anywhere (sand does not like champagne flutes!)



On to the good part: Recipe

1 Bottle Rose Brut

1 Generous handful of berries (like 1 1/2 cups, but in honesty, the more the merrier)

1 Orange if you are feeling risky (Sliced)

1 Lime to balance the sweetness of the berries (Sliced)

Pour in pitcher, add berries and citrus. Refrigerate for a minimum 2.5 hours. Enjoy!


Page 6: The Short Giraffe


A few weeks ago, I met up with a friend for a pastry date. We went to the most adorable place called The Short Giraffe. Being the ENTJ I am, I looked up the place beforehand and drooled over the photos. We almost didn’t make it because they had moved. Luckily for us, they only moved a few blocks over to a bigger location (psst, it’s adorable).


It turned out they were closed! But thankfully, the owner was nice enough to still entertain us! We thought for sure we would be in and out within 10 minutes, pastries in hand. But like most things in life, one thing lead to another and before I knew it I was sampling Cuban coffee for the first time and chatting about educational practices across the world. (Turns out Cuban Coffee is delicious, nothing like regular coffee!) We ended up staying 2 hours and had some great stimulating conversations, which I was in need of desperately. Life had gotten too practical lately. Sometimes, it is those random nights that are the best of nights and this was definitely one of them. Plus the treats were delicious! We meant to try just two, but ended up ordering like six!