July 4th Sparkle

Catalyst Dress


The Fourth of July is almost upon us. Luckily, because of the World Cup, I have already dug out a number of red, white, and blue things. My favorite look at the moment is a blue and white stripped dress with a giant red bow. I love the play on colors without being too in your face (though the bow is pretty obnoxious).  Should bows not be your style, look at these new headbands my talented mother created. I strive to live up to their sparkle!

July 4th Headbands The Shea Shoppe

21. Cocktail Ring

Cocktail Ring

If you like it, then you should have put a ring on it… A COCKTAIL RING.  In the book, cocktail rings are supposed to flashy costume jewelry. While I agree that vintage costume cocktail rings can be cool, I don’t find them the only type of cocktail ring. More importantly, I like jewelry that has a story. My cocktail ring doesn’t have a jewel on it, instead it’s all natural. It’s a gift from my uncle that lives in Hawaii and every time I wear it, I think of all the great memories I have with him growing up.  One more of my #100list is now checked off!


Cocktail Conversations: June 18th, 2014


I love a good cocktail, never been much of a beer or wine gal. I’ve spent an entire summer in Paris and still I’ll take Whiskey over Wine any day. Next fall, I will be in Germany and I don’t have much hope for turning into a beer gal either. Anyways, with the World Cup going on right now, have you ever tried the “national” drink of Brazil, Caipirinha ? It’s one of my favorites for summer. It is so light and refreshing.

Here are some tidbits for your next Cocktail Conversation (World Cup themed, of course):

  1. In the spirit of the World Cup, here is a great comparison of the countries to college football. Apparently, I should root for Argentina? But have you seen Germany? I might have to change my mind but Cote D’Ivoire managed to stop a civil war in 2006, that is pretty darn cool. Choices … Choices…
  2. Would you agree with these best ads? I always love seeing the different branding opportunities at sporting events from the cat mug fiasco at March Madness to IBM’s strange partnership with the Masters. Plus, this one or Landon Donovan’s is quite good!
  3. Fans at the World Cup can be the craziest! The “So Much America” one kills me every time.
  4. Though it may be old news, this video perfectly sums up the differences between American Football and Football everywhere else. Plus, I think it could be made into a movie.
  5. In other news, Beyoncelogues are my new favorite videos on the internet and here are 10 crazy facts to pull out at your next gathering.

Page 6: Assateague Island

photo (18)

Last weekend, I took a day-trip to escape the city and see ponies because… wild ponies! If you’ve never heard of Assateague Island, you should check it out and it’s just plain fun to say.


What was not fun was waking up at 7AM on a Sunday for the 3+ hour car ride, but with an excellent Car-DJ in charge of music, great company, and white cheddar cheese-its, it was totally worth it. Plus check out the view.

We stopped in Berlin, MD for lunch and ate at the cutest cafe, The Globe.  I had their grilled cheese of the day – havariti cheese with pears. It was amazing! Originally a 1920’s theater that now serves delicious food. After spending a few hours in the town, I can easily see how Berlin was just named “Coolest American Small-Town,” everyone was so friendly and nice!


Eventually, we made it to the island. It was well worth the long car ride because we saw about 15 ponies without even trying. It was perfect beach weather to layout and we all took nice siestas. Then we explored the island a bit and saw even more amazing views.


I didn’t get home until after 11 pm, but it was well worth it. We stopped a roadside BBQ place and had great pulled pork and corn nuggets. Sometimes the best places for BBQ are the local mom-and-pop shops. Overall, it was a great day despite the long car rides!


Welcome Back



Hi Internets,

After an exhausting first year of grad school, I am returning to the internet. Not that I ever left you, but school year left my internet use limited to mainly library catalog searches and news plus the occasional otter playing a keyboard. Now that it’s summer, I intend to be in the full swing of things!