Traveling: In-Flight Ritual

Inflight ritual

I have spent my fair amount of time traveling on airplanes. Seems like I am always racing through the airport trying to convince the TFA that an opaque bag can be considered see-through.

I always have tons of liquids, because I have perfected the art of not looking like crap when you land. Long flights will dehydrate your skin and makeup smudges while on the plane. Plus, I get bored. So while in mid flight, I take off my makeup, and put on a masque! I use makeup removing wipes to take off the masque, as well. It’s perfect! I then use a magnifying mirror to put on my makeup before landing. When the masque is on, I also whiten my teeth, put on hand cream, and try to find the most ridiculous things in sky mall magazine. Do you have any in-flight rituals?


P.S. Totally learned how to do this from one of my best friends, she always has amazing looking skin!

Editorial: Surviving Ikea

Ikea can make or break you. It’s overwhelming to say the least. After wandering aimlessly through the 2nd floor, you descend into the pit of brown cardboard boxes that all look the same. I’ve seen people have almost panic attacks in Ikea because they were overwhelmed, and frankly, too many couples fighting. As one friend said “Ikea is where relationships go to die.” While that is not always true, I think there is a rather large grain of salt to it. So here is how I manage to survive unscathed in Ikea (well, mostly).

Ikea and Umbrella

  1. Start off with a visit to the cafeteria. You will need the energy to make it through the store and Swedish meatballs are always a good choice. Extra points if you get something with lignonberry.
  2. Grab an umbrella. Why you ask… because umbrellas, like everything else in Ikea, are pretty inexpensive and you can never have enough umbrellas, especially the Mary Poppins type. (It was under $4!) Plus, you can use it to point to items you want, don’t want, and when needed, use it to whack people (be careful, because in Ikea, the urge can be overwhelming)
  3. Visit the Swedish Food Market before you leave. Get the Broccoli and Leek Medallions. You will not be disappointed

Umbrella Ikea

So how do you deal with Ikea?

91.Valid Passport

91 Passport

Number 91: Valid Passport. Now this is something I can totally get behind. I have made it a mission to get out of the country every year for the last 11 years, I did have to count Canada a couple times but it is technically another country. haha. I am super excited to be leaving the country for almost 6 months in a week. Eek! So many packing lists! I love traveling, I find you learn so much about yourself when traveling. Also, exploring new places and trying new foods is so much fun! Nina does say that I should buy an exotic skin cover from a very expensive luxury brand as a cover. Eh, I don’t really love that idea and sometimes there is such a thing as too much monogramming (I know, I know). So if you have any cute passport cover ideas, send them my way!

Song of the Summer: “All About The Bass”

I love music videos. My friends joke that I am the only person who still watches VH1 in the morning. I wish I could say I watch the news, or even the Today show (like my mother), while getting ready but I don’t. I watch music videos and dance around my room. Sometimes, I even sing off key. It’s great because they even show the time in the corner! Music videos just perk me up in the morning, especially good ones. I love music videos that tell a story and have a plot. Or at least cute costumes!

Currently, I am obsessed with this song. It’s my song of the summer. My friends joked I could live in this music video. Apparently, it’s very me:  hair bows, & a fun pop-y beat with a tough strong undertone. I must have watched this video like 10x already. Everything about it is great! I also may have it on repeat right now. oops. What is your song of the summer?

Page 6: Screen on the Green


I went to my first outdoor movie showing on Monday. I love a good moniker and this one is great, Screen on the Green. So I was already in love with the idea, before I even got there. Hello, viewing on the National Mall, don’t mind if I do.

They played “Lover Come Back”, a Doris Day/Rock Hudson flick. I think I have seen it about 5 times, but every time is always so much fun! It was nominated for best screenplay, so you know it’s got a great script. I had invited a bunch of different friends, and was simply aghast to learn most had never heard of Doris Day or Rock Hudson. DO YOU PEOPLE LIVE UNDER A ROCK? They were not thrilled about the idea of a classic film (ITS IN COLOR, ITS NOT EVEN THAT OLD), but by the end, even the most reticent of them loved the film. It’s a battle of the sexes film (what that pairing was known for) with the lead characters as Ad Men in Mad Men before there was Mad Men. It’s full of humorous situations and a only a few cringe worthy lines by Doris Day (When she said doing the dishes was women’s work, the audience booed, it was great!)

SOTG Cherries

Anyways, more about why I loved Screen on the Green. 1) It’s on a Monday night. Can you think of anything better you have to do on a Monday night? I can’t. It’s the perfect way to unwind after work. 2) Plus the movie doesn’t start till 9pm, giving you plenty of time after work to go home, change, grab dinner and head on over. And it’s a bit cooler by then, which is a blessing in this summer heat. 3) It’s FREE 4) We played card games waiting for the movie to start, it was a blast! We also played that Head’s Up App from Ellen, at some points we were dying laughing.

SOTG Picture Show

Can it just be summer all year long? I just love outdoor things!

Summer Shows


I know, I know, the summer is almost over. All the more reason to tune into these shows before they are gone! I watch far too much TV, I blame my upbringing, my mother blames my lazy attitude. Whatever. I can connect with most people over mutual love of a tv show. During the school year, I probably follow about 20+ different shows. I am not even joking. Wait till I post my insane schedule in a few weeks, I know I have a problem but I don’t care. I use SideReel calendar to send me reminders about new episodes. If you haven’t used it before, I highly recommend it.  On to the summer shows:


Just premiered, but so far I am digging it! It’s like a darker Royal Pains (in a good way!). Plus the lead actor is quite attractive!

rizzoli & Isles


I love a good detective show. This one is an epic one with feisty leads that are FEMALE! Yay!



Guilty Pleasure. Plenty of cute clothes that in no way belong in high but I am still obsessed. It’s ALMOST as good as gossip girl. Almost.



PIRATES.  Need I say more?

witches of east end


Confession. I have a lot of guilty pleasure shows. This one involves witches and lifetime, so you know it’s got hot male characters in touch with their feminine sides. PLUS MAGIC. I really like magic. I was obsessed with the TV show Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie growing up if that explains anything.



Do I really even need to explain this one?

I am always looking for more shows to add to my list, so any suggestions?