Page 6: Fernsehturm


I visited the Fernsehturm the other day. My advice: buy a ticket beforehand and skip the line! We had to wait over an hour, which forces you to buy a coke (or maybe a glass of champange, shhh!) at the little cafe in the lobby.  It’s the 4th tallest building in Europe, the tallest structure in Germany, and it has a pretty unique history. The nice thing is at the top they have legends by the windows to show points of interest. (I even spotted my ‘hood) That being said, it is a bit pricey for the view, but I do want to go again and eat at the revolving restaurant.


Afterwards at Alexanderplatz, I saw this display of lego men that small children were setting up. I am still not sure why exactly they were doing it, nonetheless it was amazing to watch because the children were so concentrated on their task. Berlin has so many things to view and so little time!


Cocktail Conversations: September 26th, 2014

This week has been pretty dreary in weather, so it’s been lots of time indoors sadly. Lately, I have been listening to this song on repeat. It’s super catchy and the artist currently lives in Berlin.

In other news:

This previously confidential CIA past performance reviews is amazing. I like “She continues to handle all the new with aplomb and the precision of a 10 lb meat cleaver”

There is a new light bulb invented by a former NASA and former Telsa employees, and it adjusts to the sunlight and detects motions

My contract expires in the spring but all these reports iPhone bending makes me want to just keep my current phone.

98. Wrap Dress

Kate Middleton Dress

I have always shied away from wrap dresses, they tend to be too low on me. Plus I feel like the waist is never right. Fashion designers and myself are in a disagreement as to where exactly the waist is on a woman. Lo and behold, enter the Issa Collection from Banana Republic last fall. The Kate Middleton engagement dress (Yes, that one) copycat is amazing. It fits perfectly on the top, the waist clinches perfectly giving an hourglass shape and since it’s jersey, its pretty forgiving. I own two colors and I swear I must wear one of them at least once a week, it’s just so perfect for so many occasions. Now if only it came out again, I would buy it in even more colors.



Crafty Katy: Notebooks

Crafty Notebooks

After my notebook debacle, I embarked on my next quest: covering my notebooks in pretty paper. It’s something I do every time, it just makes the notebooks feel more me. I would buy notebooks with pretty patterns but I can’t really seem to find any that I like. Instead, I buy decorative paper (scrapbook, wrapping paper, even tissue paper on occasion) and add a bit of modpodge to glue the paper to the notebook. *This isn’t modpodge but when in  Rome    Berlin, you make do with what you can explain to the very nice and patient sales associate at the cool craft store.* I  love the results, it’s never perfect but I am okay with that!  Now that my notebooks are all in order, I feel ready to take on this semester of grad school. Now if only I wasn’t stuck reading on a Tuesday evening…

Notebooks and glue

Page 6: Tempelhof Park

Templehof Park

I love a good park and in Europe, they are not difficult to find. Berlin has one of the most interesting parks I have ever had the pleasure going to: Templehof. This park was a former airport that shutdown in 2008 and was transformed into a park. It’s where “Candy Bombing” started and where the Berlin Airlift was based, plus at one point it’s main terminal was one of the largest buildings in the world. Needless to say, this park is huge! In many ways, this makes sense because an airport has not only large areas of paved roads for runways and taxing but also large amount of green space surrounding the runways. The paved areas are now used as tracks for the casual biker or walker, while the large green areas sport people playing games to picnicing. They even have several grill areas and a dog park. Now if only I could go in the actual terminal

Tempelhof Runway

Tempelhof Sky

Tempelhof Kite

Cocktail Conversations: September 19th, 2014

1) Why did I not know about this trick for braiding your hair without any hairties?!?! This might change my life. My hair is pretty short but this still works!

2) 10 Things you should do in your 20s has some great advice, but they forgot my mother’s all important advice “Don’t forget to moisturize your neck”.  I think I have the travel part down with my recent adventures to Iceland and Venice, but I am never one to turn down a new adventure.

3) These photographs are not only beautiful, but they make my ocd-ness so happy!

4) Did you see this map of every device connected to the internet? I love the one dot in the center of Greenland, but of course, the internet has already figured out what it is.

5) I have listened to this song at least 3x a day for the past week. It’s so darn catchy!

52. Mad Money

mad moneyI hate talking about money, but I think Nina makes a good point. No matter how tight your budget is, it’s important to have a bit of wiggle room. Personally, even if I know I am going to being using a card all night, I always make sure to have $20 dollars on me just in case. You never know what might happen and $20 can get me home in a cab and a pint of ice cream (in case it’s been one of those nights… or days). In Germany, most places prefer you use cash so I tend to have more ‘mad money’ here. Another way I have ‘Mad Money’ is a Visa gift card hidden in my dresser. Shhh…  I have been saving for one day when I know I will need to go a little crazy and engage in a retail therapy. Frankly, I am thinking I will use it to buy #17 Cape (I really really want a cape, you have no idea). Your mad money stash can even grow, that’s the best part!

Editorial: Particular

I have always joked that I am slightly OCD, I don’t think I realized the full extent of it until last week. OCD probably isn’t the right word, picky and particular probably is a better description. I am not picky in everything, I have no problem drinking from cans (a friend once told me “it’s like licking the floor”, whatever) or going with the flow but one thing I get super ‘ocd’ about is school supplies.

I only use a certain pen for writing. I have used this same brand of pen for over 10 years, I am not even joking. Once I forgot my pencil case and didn’t have the right pens on me for a class. I refused to take notes for that class in my notebook, because I didn’t want to mar it with my wrong ink. Instead, I borrowed a pen and a sheet of loose leaf paper from a friend, took notes on it, and later copied it with the correct pen into my notebook.

I have the same feelings for notebooks, I refuse to write in spiral bound notebooks. Spirals always end of tearing and then they don’t look perfect, which is an issue. I prefer bound notebooks. My notebooks of choice are a French brand: Clairefontaine. They have been around for over a 150 years and are one of the only manufacturers who make their own paper. When in France, I normally just buy a ton of them. In a pinch, I can order them online in the US for normal notebook prices (i.e. under 5 dollars). So when moving to Berlin, I figured since Germany was next door to France, I could find them at any school supply store. I thought wrong. Nowhere had single subject college lined bound notebooks, mind you there were tons of other types of lined notebooks. I saw some of the coolest notebooks, there is one that is lined with a single red line down the middle for vocabulary, another one for writing musical compositions. I even found my brand in Germany, but not the notebook I wanted. I went to 6 different stores searching for them. I wish I could say I was joking. I googled and googled “office supply stores Berlin”, “stationery stores Berlin”, and “paper stores Berlin” to no avail.

Big and Small Notebooks

I bought 3 different types of notebook thinking I could settle with a notebook that was too big or too small. I felt like Goldilocks and I was not amused about the situation. I mulled over my choices for 48 hours. I am not kidding when I say every conversation I had with people revolved around notebooks. I would ask their opinion, what would they choose? Should I stick with 2 big notebooks and share them between classes or do 4 small notebooks and try to write smaller (lol)? Finally, I broke down and asked Facebook. Yes, I was that desperate to make a Facebook status. I couldn’t sleep on Friday because of it, every time I thought I made a choice one way or the other, I would have doubts. Luckily, my Facebook friends took my post in seriousness and offered up suggestions of places to try. On Saturday, my hope was just about lost. I decided to try one last store. I walked in not expecting much, it was one of the smaller stores I had visited. But staring at me as I walked through the door was my notebooks! Lined, bound, and ready to bought! I was so excited! I nearly started crying in the store. I quickly bought them up and learned a new German word Ruckgabe “Returns” as I went to return the rest of my misfitted notebooks. I cannot describe how much better I felt with my notebooks in hand. I felt like a burden had been lifted. How silly is that? Maybe it was cultural shock, maybe it’s OCD, maybe it’s me just being weird, but whatever, the situation is now resolved.

Just Right Notebooks

Page 6: Berlin East Side Gallery


A few weeks ago (my how time flies!), I went to the East Side Gallery with a few of my friends. One friend filmed an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge there which pretty much destroyed all other challenges in my mind.  Hers was pretty darn cool! Plus I helped, which makes it infinity better in my humble opinion. #humblebrag


Anyways, the history of the place is pretty cool. Painted by various artists in 1990, it showcases the modern art (which frankly isn’t my favorite, but I digress) and the feelings of the time. Back in 2005, most of it had been covered with graffiti and restoration was begun on the paintings. Noteably, several artists were not okay with the process and sued. It’s absolutely fascinating from copyright law perspective. Despite the graffiti and court cases, it was simply amazing to see!



Cocktail Conversations: September 11th, 2014

So originally I had another post scheduled for today, but frankly, I am too worn out to take photos and post something. I am still trying to work out the kinks in my new schedule. Instead, I have decided to post my Cocktail Conversations a little early. Here is what has been keeping me abuzz all week:

1) Vogue published an article and the internet lashed back. While I am not a huge fan of Vogue to begin with, I also don’t know if I care enough to have an opinion either way.

2) This song by Cro keeps following me around in Berlin. First in Ritter Sport, then the bank, and then in H & M. It is safe to say I have downloaded the whole album now since clearly it’s fate.

3) Since it’s September 11th, and I love dogs, here is touching story about the last-known surviving search and rescue dog.

4) I am absolutely fascinated by the Scottish Election coming up. All my stats training has me really reading polling results and seeing if I agree with their errors and confidence intervals, etc.

5) Samsung came out with a bunch of response videos to Apple’s latest iphone. They are simply brilliant in my humble opinion. This one is my favorite!

Okay, off to bed for now! I need to more sleep after two 6 AM starts or start to go to bed earlier…