Recipe: Pear Steak Salad


I was a bit nervous about this recipe when I first saw it but it is AMAZING. Yet another great recipe from KochHaus (remember when I first discovered the place), this one is super filling despite being a salad. Plus, it’s pretty easy to make!



  • Arugula
  • Butter
  • White Vinegar (I used Balsamic instead, yummy!)
  • Olive Oil
  • Walnuts
  • Cheese
  • Orange
  • Steak
  • Green Onion
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Sugar
  • Spicy Mustard





3. Ankle Booties

Ankle Booties

I love Ankle Booties! While they aren’t everyone’s favorite, I just love them. It could be because I pretty much only wear dresses (seriously. I don’t own pants.) and they are perfectly paired with a dress (especially this dress).

Often when shopping, I remark “I like the idea of it, but not the execution.” I feel like Goldilocks, this heel is too high, this heel is too low. It’s hard finding the one that’s just right.  My hunt for the perfect ankle booties took quite some time. Every pair was either too high of heel, too pointy of a toe, or just not perfect enough. I wanted something a bit dressy because my wardrobe is overall quite dressy (I don’t really do normal casual per se).

I wasn’t planning on buying ankle booties, I was originally out shopping with a friend trying to find her a coat when I spotted these beauties. I was in love. The heel is the perfect height. The black matches everything and the gold touches are just right! I wore them all day yesterday and my feet didn’t even hurt. Plus they cost 25 euros. Sold. Eek! Off to go find more outfits to wear them with!

***TKC Tip: Keep the hemline above the knee to make your legs look leaner and longer!

Fall TV Shows

How is it already fall? It seems like just yesterday I was writing about summer shows to watch. Despite being in a foreign country, I am still trying to keep up with my American shows, emphasis on trying. Here are the shows I am most excited for this fall:


how to get away with murder

How To Get Away With Murder


A to Z

A To Z


The Flash

The Flash 





P.S. Have you heard of SideReel? (or is this just my OCD side coming out again in that I like to keep track of everything I should be watching?)

Page 6: Festival of Lights


Berlin does possibly the coolest thing ever each year: Festival of Lights. Not really sure why they do it, but it sure is pretty! It lasts a whole week and I might have gone 4 times… It was just so cool and they changed some of them halfway through so I had to go again … and again… and again! Now only if I could figure out how to take better pictures at night!



Editorial: Particular – Part II

OCD street

After writing the last editorial about my particularity, I have realized even more ways I am particular. I had two different instances of someone sitting in my seat for a class this week. At first, it drove me crazy. One person realized their mistake (it’s the fifth week of classes, everyone has seats they sit in, let’s be real) and asked if I wanted my chair back. I said no it was fine but they, luckily, insisted.

These instances made me realize that I always sit in the same general seat for every class since high school when given a chance. Back, left side. Or if there are windows, on the window side. But always in the back. It’s not that I don’t participate and am hiding in the back. In fact, I would venture to say that I am quite the opposite. I like sitting in the back because I can see everything going on in the class. Half the class isn’t behind my head out of my sight.

I have the same tick with restaurants. I will always sit facing the door. Always. I will ask friends to move for this because otherwise I just feel uncomfortable the entire time. Am I weird? Probably. Do I care? Not one bit. I have learned to accept myself and my weird ticks. Do you have any particularities?

Katy Explains It All: Coral Dress

Oscar Wilde Quote

On occasion, I get asked for some fashion advice. If it’s one thing I love, it’s to give my own opinion on things. Also, I love putting together looks and often I find it easier to do with others than with myself.

The first thing I always want to know is when is the event? Time? Day of the week? All of these things matter. Then where? Is it in a church, a barn, a country club, etc? Was there a dress listed on the invitation? Black tie is different than white tie… When in doubt, I always recommend referring to Emily Post for rules, and then Pinterest for ideas. You can even take clues from how the invitation itself is worded and the type of invite to get clues on how to dress. When in doubt, I agree with Oscar Wilde and frankly, sweatpants should never be worn in public unless you are going to the gym.

So you have a dress, you like the color/fit/style/etc. The next tricky part is deciding on accessories. The best looks combine color, texture, pattern, and shine (Thank you WNTW). Let’s take this dress as an example:

Fullscreen capture 1072014 90536 PM.bmp

It has shine and shine. All that is missing is pattern and texture. A bold statement necklace is one way to complete the look. For this outfit, I would recommend hair half swept back and curled in loose waves. You want something with volume. Nude heels because any color would overwhelm the rest of the outfit and nude makes your legs go on forever and who doesn’t want that? So onto the jewelry, often the scariest part of an outfit. Here is a great graphic on necklace ideas for different necklines.

The key to every outfit is balance. In this case, since the dress is very feminine in color and shape, I suggest a bold statement necklace. Coral can be a tricky color to match, so instead of driving yourself crazy,  opt for navy blue and gold. I love navy blue and no matter what necklace you get, you are guaranteed to wear it several more times. With your statement necklace, make sure it’s not too close to the neckline because you don’t want to detract from pretty sweetheart top. My current ideas are either a bold necklace like this:

Fullscreen capture 1072014 90519 PM.bmp

Or something frilly like this:

Fullscreen capture 1072014 90525 PM.bmp

I think either styles could really work with this outfit. To top it off, I would wear a thick black liner, perhaps winged. Here are some great tutorials on how to achieve that winged look (TBD, Jaclyn Hill, and Makeup Geek). I would stick with a nude pink-y lip since again trying to match the color would be near impossible and red would clash.

Putting together an outfit for an event can be tricky, I always test run my makeup and outfit a few days before the event to make sure I like it all together. I hate being under-prepared for something and what if  it looks great in my head and terrible together and I don’t realize until 30 minutes before I leave?!?! That is just too much stress for me, so I find it easier to spend 30 minutes a few days before and run through the whole outfit just to double check. But I am particular like that.

Page 6: Sanssouci Gardens


So far the weather had stayed nice and mild (knock on wood!) in Berlin, a few weeks ago I headed to Sanssouci for the day. If it’s one things Europeans know how to do, it’s how to build a good park. There was plenty of room for picnicking in both sunny and shady areas. Tons of little groves to explore and trails to “get lost” on while peaking at beautiful buildings. My only complaint is that the buildings (i.e. palaces) are closed on Mondays, which just happened to be the day I went there. I did enjoy the full day lounging about the gardens though! SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSC  SONY DSC

Crafty Katy: Birthday Decor


So this year was a big birthday for me: 25. I was going through my quarter-life-crisis (I cut my hair, went glutenfrei, and traveled to Iceland). To celebrate my crisis, I had a big birthday brunch. I made crepes and everyone brought champagne. The party ended up lasting all day and charades were played for hours. Can we talk about how much fun charades are? The app from the Ellen Show is the best because most of the time, you don’t care about really keeping score and you want something fast paced.

Anyways for my birthday decor, I had a bunch of old maps and hung them using painter’s tape on a wall. It was the perfect backdrop for photos and surprisingly, a topic of conversation for many guests. So many of my friends would go look at the maps and point things out. Plus it turns out, I had a cartographer there (yay friends’ significant others!), so there were many conversations about maps and map making. I am nerd and love things like that.