Girl’s Night Out Playlist

photo credit: gin_able via photopin cc
I love music. I am constantly listening to something, and often when friends spot me randomly around town, my earbuds are in and I am almost dance-walking as they refer to it. I just can’t keep still. Music can instantly lift my mood, just put on some The Mamas and The Papas and I will be singing off-key to California Dreamin’. My love of music often makes me the DJ at various gatherings because I can read the mood and crowds                                        (now if only I had Dr. Lightman’s skillz).

My latest DJ ‘gig’ was on NYE as I had girlfriends over to get ready. I had just spent 6 hours on a train from Munich and had a lot of free time to cultivate the perfect playlist for this girl’s night out playlist. It has current hits and good throwbacks (No Scrubs is always a crowd pleaser!). I love that I can make playlists on Spotify, it’s the perfect assistant. Now if only I could learn how to mix! Maybe that will be my next side project, I love learning new skillz!