The Off the Beaten Path Berlin Guide

Berlin Guide-01

My four month adventure in Berlin turned into a year and one day adventure,  for which I will be forever grateful. I really learned so much there not only in school but also about what I want out of life. I also spent my fair time exploring the city and exploring new things. I made a Berlin Guide for a friend one day and I have ended up giving it to over a dozen friends thus I thought I should just save everyone the hassle of asking me for it and post it online. This is not your mother’s Berlin guide, this is for the ones who have done the normal touristy things, or are just looking for good eats!

The Markets:


  • Markthalle

(5? Maybe 6 till 10pm)

near gorlitzer. It gets packed, so don’t expect to find a place to eat sitting down but it’s still fun. I recommend the following booths:

Bao burgers: sweet pork belly with spices in a fluffy rice bun, it’s f***ing amazing. But too messy to actually share.

The hipsters that sell juice in the middle: delicious hand pressed apple juice with ginger. Expensive but good and help feed a hipster!

Erst Sahne or something: really good gluten free desserts that you can’t tell are gluten free. Think ritzy Italian cupcakes

The Brazilian place that does tapioca crepes. amazing. Both sweet and savory. I love the Romeo and Juliet one, it’s GUAVA!!! I love guava, so I always get it.

The ceviche place is also great, there are beers (gross) in the back left corner that are supposed to be good craft like ones. Whatever. I prefer the French guys in the middle that sell wine.

Spatlze guy. Also sometimes at Neue Heimat. In old van looking thing, not creepy, just good.


  • Breakfast market 

At markthalle, same thing BUT BREAKFAST FOOD. UNTIL 4PM. And yes, I’ve been there at 3pm, still going strong.

  • Neue Heimat

So if taking the sbahn, exit right. Walk northish. Past the weird photo booths. Take right at sketchy potato dealer. Walk alllllllll the way to the end. It will have Christmas lights stating the name. There may be a 1 euro fee, whatever. Worth it.

Soooo buy a bottle of wine because it’s more cost effective, duh. Still expensive. Ugh.

Find the hipster potato/pumpkin guys. Their signs are in brown with white lettering and they have lamps. Get the kürbis potato mash one, you want parm cheese. Share it with a friend because there is so much delicious food here you don’t want to get full on one dish.

Arapes guys – chorizo one, yummy! But too messy to share.

Pad Thai is good if you haven’t eaten enough of it already at all the “Asian” restaurants.

WHISKEY RIBS. Omg, yes. Find them! Sometimes outside.

Skip the oysters, not fresh. 

The people with the obnoxious ladies clad in lingerie for their backdrop have really good food, damn them. It’s like melted cheese on bread things.

Lady that sells dessert in little pots is the best.

Also there will be a Dj playing weird music and too many hipster but the food makes up for it.


  • There is a cool English pub under the train tracks at hack. Markt. If you get off the sbahn, walk to end by freid. Direction. It’s by the river. I think it’s called pug or something, they have a bunch of pugs. But what’s cool is that the tables have taps on them and you pay by how much you drink and so you can purchase like .23 l or something. You fill up how much you like. Their prosecco is passable.
  • Das Gift– another English/Scottish bar, THEY HAVE MY PATRON THERE! Monday’s they do trivia, I won once! Let’s go play! But good drinks. Hermanplatz or str, whichever is not the end station.
  • Krackenklucken…. I have no idea how to say this, it’s on top of the arcade in neukoln. Sweet view. The hut makes me feel like I need to be on acid, I’ve never been on acid but I think I would enjoy the trance music and crystals and lights more if on acid. Their only drink in the hut is a weird chai with rum or whiskey. Not my favorite, but it’s cool. Also you have to take off your shoes. The other bar is more normal. I say wait till it’s warm again.
  • Somewhere there is a gin bar. They only serve gin. It’s near Oberg stop. If you want more info, I can ask where I was.
  • Wienerie– my favorite! Every night starting at 8pm, it’s 2 euros for a glass, and then at the end you pay what you think you drank. Closes around midnight, but fun! Last semester, I had a standing date there every Thursday. It was a blast. Also if you get there early, they have food and I think it’s the same concept. It’s also been referred to as the communist wine bar. If you go and don’t invite me, I will be upset.  Rosenthaler is the nearest ubahn, also accessible from the m10.
  • Torsend– SECRET BAR. Google. Go. Drink, feel classy.
  • Monkey Bar – View from the top.

Brunch places

  • Cafe krone – recommend before mauer park/burneur str tour or after.
  • Parker Bowles – omg GO and GO NOW
  • Melbourne cafe – get the gingerbread hot chocolate. Hermanplatz thing again. Also do trivia on Tuesday nights.
  • Betty n’ catys – FRESH JUICES PEOPLE. LIKE REAL PRESSED JUICES. Also adorbs. Pberg.
  • Bastard berlin – small but amazing. Get the Chorizo and sweet potato thing (seeing a pattern?)
  • Roamers– tiny but delicious.
  • Aunt Benny – frankfurter alle or ostkreuz. Delicious also have lunch things.
  • That place next to hertie. Same street at Hertie if walking past where everyone smokes, it’s on the opposite side of the street- really good affordable lunch options. Menu changes daily but I’ve only had good things. Think soups salads and such.


  • Yam yam – Korean food. Rosa luxa. Amazinggggg. I always get the bulgogi, really good. So are the fried dumpling things as an appetizer. Aloe vero to drink, obvi. I love the gummy things in it but I know some people can’t get over it. The nut milk tea is …. Different…. Also the alcoholic drinks are WEAKKKKKKK. don’t waste your money.
  • Transit- win stop off the u8 (or thereabouts) . Asian food tapas style. I spent 10 euros and was full. 3 small dishes at 3 euros each and 1 thing if rice. Seasonal drinks are great! Only thing is you need to make a reservation.
  • Hashi – Japanese restaurant recommended by Japanese man. Also tapas style. Really good! I have no idea what I ate but it was all great. The squid balls (terrible name) were good and the chicken things on sticks. Also good cocktails bit pricey and not strong. I had the one that was like a bad giesha or something, I felt awkward ordering it but it was yummy.
  • Thai Place across the street before Transit. Google, figure it out. BUT LEGIT. Like teas in bowls legit.
  • Chickenberg-  soooo this is weird entry but if you ever just crave a rotisserie chicken and good fries, this is your place. Kotti. 5.90 for 1/2 chicken , fries, 3 pieces of veggies and a coke. Sometimes, I just want a simple chicken. Get the garlic sauce.
  • Santa Maria – ugh,  don’t try to go for taco Tuesday. Too busy but great lunch deal. 8 euros gets you a soup, drink, and 3 tacos. Done.
  • Ta’Cabron – y’all have been with me, I go there far too much.
  • Persepolis – really good restaurant off the U2. Middle eastern of some sort. Completely forget which country but delicious and so much food. Get the one with like raisins in the rice or something. Busy though, can get take out.
  • Soooo another option if you want to impress your gf with cooking but don’t know how or just like to try new things is kochhaus. It’s a grocery store that has 8 recipes with all the ingredients next to it. Like if the recipe calls for 1 tbsp of butter, you purchase 1tbsp of butter. It’s all premeasured for you. I’ve never had a bad meal from there. Plus cool kitchen gadgets. It’s just a cool place and I think there are three in berlin.

Things To Do

    • Mauer park – make fun of hipsters and eat the damn potato on a stick, best 2 euros ever spent, other than that glass at the weinerie.
    • Allied museum – yeahhhhh America!
    • Checkpoint Charlie museum – they have the things people used to escape the gdr, like a hollowed out surfboard or an air balloon. It’s cool.
    • Fernsehenturn – ehhh, it’s cool. Read the Wikipedia page first, it is the 4th tallest building in Europe. Buy ticket in advance, waiting in line is for peasants.
    • Kadewe– largest department store in continental europe. Go to the 5th floor and see the groceries and see how your country is defined. America is land of pop tarts, microwave popcorn and Swiss miss. Cute outside market some days. Walk down the shopping street and look at the big church.
    • SCHLOSSES ( pretty sure that’s not the formal plural, but whatever) – charlottenburg (don’t pay to take photos), Potsdam, there are so many!! And crowns everywhere!!!
    • Comedy in English! I’ve been to a ton of English amateur comedy nights that are really quite good! I like the fishbowl, and we are not gemused.
    • East side gallery – obvi.
    • Museum island– so much history!

PS I had the best Landlord Ever 

Page 6: Berlin Instagram Updates

I made all these comments about how great my photo editing skills are but the photo I choose wasn’t the best. Sigh. I love going on Instagram and seeing beautiful photos with witty captions. I spend far too much time editing my photos. Can’t lie about that. I use Snapseed and then Whitegram to keep the photos in their original size. Berlin has been a treasure trove for beautiful scenes. Here are some of my favorites from the past year (it’s weird that it is almost over):

Summer Podcasts

A few weeks ago, I posted my favorite books of the summer. Today, I am sharing my favorite summer podcasts. Podcasts are great because you can listen to them while running errands, waiting for the bus, or when getting ready for bed. Personally, I tend to listen to them on my commute to work.

Serial – If you are new to podcasts, I recommend you start here. This is a gripping story about a cold case murder of a 17 year old girl. Right from the beginning, you will be hooked! My mother listened to the entire first season in less than three days. She couldn’t stop listening.

Stuff You Should Know – Ever wonder where Tupperware came from or how landfills work? Well worry no more, Josh and Chuck are here to explain to you how things work. Be the hit at your next party with fun facts like the  name Tupperware comes from the inventor Earl Tupper. But seriously, they are highly entertaining and I love learning!

What’s The Point – This is new podcast from fivethirtyeight and its fascinating. Each week, the hosts talk with a different professional to see how data influences their field. Okay, that sounds really boring but I swear it’s not! Start with this one.

Words To Live By: Best Stories


I  have definitely used this justification for some decisions made in Berlin. While nothing I choose was permanent, I did make some not so great choices. And no, I am not just talking about the 5AM ner I might have partaken in on the way back from a club. But I learned from them and that’s the most important part. Plus now I have some great stories….

P.S. This is a way better example of my non-graphic designer skills, sigh.

Summer Readin’ 2015

I read. I read a lot. Like normally 3 books per week during school days, and maybe a book a week when out of school. That must seem odd, right? Who reads more while in school? Well, that tends to be one book for school, and then two ‘beach reads’ as I like to label them. Nothing highbrow, no New York Times bestsellers. Just fun books to give my brain a rest. They just get downloaded on my iPad and filed away in a secret folder so I don’t accidently open them in class.

But now that school is out for summer, my reading habits change. I like reading books about real things, I like learning, and I hate dull things. I also love reading real books during summer. There is just something so nice about turning a nice crisp page. The rustle of the paper, the sound of cracking the spine for the first time, it just feels so adult! But don’t dog-ear that page. I often read when on the train or bus, or waiting for a friend. You would be surprised how many opportunities there are for reading if you manage to have a book thrown in your purse!

Anatomy of Crime

I found this book in a train station’s book store. I am a huge “Law and Order” fan, like it’s my ringtone. So a book about how crime solving works in real life? Um yes! It was fascinating and not too gory that you can’t snack on something while reading it!

The Tipping Point

This book had been on my reading list for a while, sadly. I finally picked it up in an English bookstore and didn’t put it down for the next three days. Even though it was published a number of years ago, it still holds strong. I loved all the case studies and I think I am going to pick up his latest book tomorrow!

Thinking Fast and Slow

Be forewarned, this one is a bit denser but totally worth it. It really got me thinking (get it? ha) about how I think. It took me longer to get through this one. On occasion, I had to re-read paragraphs but I really enjoyed it and learned more than I thought. (So many puns…)


Paris is undeniably one of my favorite cities, this book takes its history and moves it underground – metro stations that is. It tells the history of Paris through the various metro stops around the city and despite my love of Parisian history, even I didn’t know all of these things! I might have to travel back to Paris soon…


Okay, bear with me here. Debt sounds like it would be super boring and depressing, but it’s actually amazingly – interesting! Non-finance majors (like me!) can even understand it. Plus, you can find it online for free, which sold me on it.

Recipe: Pear Steak Salad


I was a bit nervous about this recipe when I first saw it but it is AMAZING. Yet another great recipe from KochHaus (remember when I first discovered the place), this one is super filling despite being a salad. Plus, it’s pretty easy to make!



  • Arugula
  • Butter
  • White Vinegar (I used Balsamic instead, yummy!)
  • Olive Oil
  • Walnuts
  • Cheese
  • Orange
  • Steak
  • Green Onion
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Sugar
  • Spicy Mustard





3. Ankle Booties

Ankle Booties

I love Ankle Booties! While they aren’t everyone’s favorite, I just love them. It could be because I pretty much only wear dresses (seriously. I don’t own pants.) and they are perfectly paired with a dress (especially this dress).

Often when shopping, I remark “I like the idea of it, but not the execution.” I feel like Goldilocks, this heel is too high, this heel is too low. It’s hard finding the one that’s just right.  My hunt for the perfect ankle booties took quite some time. Every pair was either too high of heel, too pointy of a toe, or just not perfect enough. I wanted something a bit dressy because my wardrobe is overall quite dressy (I don’t really do normal casual per se).

I wasn’t planning on buying ankle booties, I was originally out shopping with a friend trying to find her a coat when I spotted these beauties. I was in love. The heel is the perfect height. The black matches everything and the gold touches are just right! I wore them all day yesterday and my feet didn’t even hurt. Plus they cost 25 euros. Sold. Eek! Off to go find more outfits to wear them with!

***TKC Tip: Keep the hemline above the knee to make your legs look leaner and longer!

Page 6: Festival of Lights


Berlin does possibly the coolest thing ever each year: Festival of Lights. Not really sure why they do it, but it sure is pretty! It lasts a whole week and I might have gone 4 times… It was just so cool and they changed some of them halfway through so I had to go again … and again… and again! Now only if I could figure out how to take better pictures at night!



Editorial: Particular – Part II

OCD street

After writing the last editorial about my particularity, I have realized even more ways I am particular. I had two different instances of someone sitting in my seat for a class this week. At first, it drove me crazy. One person realized their mistake (it’s the fifth week of classes, everyone has seats they sit in, let’s be real) and asked if I wanted my chair back. I said no it was fine but they, luckily, insisted.

These instances made me realize that I always sit in the same general seat for every class since high school when given a chance. Back, left side. Or if there are windows, on the window side. But always in the back. It’s not that I don’t participate and am hiding in the back. In fact, I would venture to say that I am quite the opposite. I like sitting in the back because I can see everything going on in the class. Half the class isn’t behind my head out of my sight.

I have the same tick with restaurants. I will always sit facing the door. Always. I will ask friends to move for this because otherwise I just feel uncomfortable the entire time. Am I weird? Probably. Do I care? Not one bit. I have learned to accept myself and my weird ticks. Do you have any particularities?

Page 6: Sanssouci Gardens


So far the weather had stayed nice and mild (knock on wood!) in Berlin, a few weeks ago I headed to Sanssouci for the day. If it’s one things Europeans know how to do, it’s how to build a good park. There was plenty of room for picnicking in both sunny and shady areas. Tons of little groves to explore and trails to “get lost” on while peaking at beautiful buildings. My only complaint is that the buildings (i.e. palaces) are closed on Mondays, which just happened to be the day I went there. I did enjoy the full day lounging about the gardens though! SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSC  SONY DSC