Breakfast Learning

Breakfast LEARNING

I consume a lot of information but recently, I have been consuming what I would like to call “smart” information and I am trying to learn it in a faster way. Gone are the Real Housewives of Some New City and hello, informational podcasts. ( I jest RHOBH is still my favorite, but I don’t watch it religiously.) I swear I am getting older, my friends and I discuss skincare routines and financial advice now, and I try to go to bed early. What has happened to me??? Now, I normally start each morning listening to podcasts or YouTube videos while getting ready, I love learning new things and with the end of my school life fast approaching, I have needed new ways to get my learnin’ fix.  Here are my favorite podcasts (I’ve added more to my old favorites list), YouTube videos, and other sources for learning new things.

  1. What’s the Point – an old favorite but a goodie, I love the intersection of big data and solving real world problems. This privacy podcast really has me reevaluating some of the ways I interact with these companies.
  2. Fight Mediocrity – I keep meaning to read all these books but I never have the time. This YouTube channel explains popular business books in simple animations, boiling down the information to just the main points. My favorites are Thinking Fast and Slow and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
  3. Startup– a great podcast about starting a startup podcast company. Done in real time. It’s amazing and so many great lessons.
  4. Note to Self – Their tagline is making technology human and they do such a great job of it, from their digital detox to their fomo vs. jomo debates to infomagical week, I love listening to them ( I even subscribe to their newsletter, that’s real love)
  5. Twitter – Often I find great articles to read while browsing twitter, I don’t really tweet but I do consume information from it! My favorite sources are INC, Vox, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur, normally I find a bunch of articles and save them to me “read later” bookmark to consume while riding the bus.

What are your favorite ways to learn more information?

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