How to solve a problem like Maria…

How to Solve A Problem

Google it. If it is one thing I have learned this semester in learning Adobe Creative Suite is when in doubt, trying googling. Yeah, maybe you don’t know exactly the correct vocabulary for something (is it a path or a shape?? Do I want it to be isolated??? I just want it to work!), but other people have been there before you and there is probably a forum somewhere with the right answer. Watch a few youtube videos and you will get the task done!

Too often, when faced with the unknown, people freeze. The great thing about google is that no one has to know that you don’t know the answer (except the massive google servers but still!), there is no embarrassing raising of the hand in class to ask a ‘dumb question’, ┬áthere is no having to find a work friend to not laugh when you don’t know how to print something double sided. Just google it. Or Bing it or Yahoo! it, whatever.

The point is you can only gain from trying to figure it out on your own. And maybe, the internet won’t have the answer for it, but then when you do ask a live human, you will at least have some preliminary research! So I started in September with no Illustrator or R skillz, and ┬áby the end of it, I am now moderately (which is saying something) good at them!

The Enlightenment was considered the last time when a person could know all the knowledge in the world if they had the time and ability to learn. Today there is too much knowledge for anyone one person to know but we have an advantage that wasn’t there even 30 years ago: the INTERNET! With the power of the internet, sites like wikihow, pinterest. allrecipes, and wikipedia, we have the ability to solve most of our questions and queries. It’s amazing! So use it!



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