Not another love song, a playlist for February

February Playlist

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I am a bit of a music nut. I am constantly listening to music or watching music videos. Recently, I have been listening to all these springy hits, well in my mind, they are spring-y. It may be only the end of January and I just survived a blizzard, but the Floridian in me can’t stop thinking about the sun. I miss the feel of sunshine on my skin, whenever it is bright outside and I can’t feel the sun, it irks me so!

So in order to help me out, I created this playlist of my current favorite songs. They are great songs to listen as you dance around your living room and pretend it’s warm and sunny outside. I love light pop music and all these songs seem to go together to form the perfect playlist to get you out of the winter blues. And totally dance-able too, which is the most important part.

Music is how I pump myself up before going out or when I have something nerve-wracking coming up (which is happening a lot now as I get closer to graduation). Music can instantly lift the mood¬†and right now, I need all the pump up music I can get! Even if I can’t carry a tune, I still sing along each day to at least 10 minutes of music because it instantly lifts my mood.


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Sidenote: Pandora’s Classical Goes Pop Station is my favorite study music! Perfect when you need some background noise but can’t handle words.

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