52. Mad Money

mad moneyI hate talking about money, but I think Nina makes a good point. No matter how tight your budget is, it’s important to have a bit of wiggle room. Personally, even if I know I am going to being using a card all night, I always make sure to have $20 dollars on me just in case. You never know what might happen and $20 can get me home in a cab and a pint of ice cream (in case it’s been one of those nights… or days). In Germany, most places prefer you use cash so I tend to have more ‘mad money’ here. Another way I have ‘Mad Money’ is a Visa gift card hidden in my dresser. Shhh…  I have been saving for one day when I know I will need to go a little crazy and engage in a retail therapy. Frankly, I am thinking I will use it to buy #17 Cape (I really really want a cape, you have no idea). Your mad money stash can even grow, that’s the best part!

91.Valid Passport

91 Passport

Number 91: Valid Passport. Now this is something I can totally get behind. I have made it a mission to get out of the country every year for the last 11 years, I did have to count Canada a couple times but it is technically another country. haha. I am super excited to be leaving the country for almost 6 months in a week. Eek! So many packing lists! I love traveling, I find you learn so much about yourself when traveling. Also, exploring new places and trying new foods is so much fun! Nina does say that I should buy an exotic skin cover from a very expensive luxury brand as a cover. Eh, I don’t really love that idea and sometimes there is such a thing as too much monogramming (I know, I know). So if you have any cute passport cover ideas, send them my way!