Skincare Routine 101

Like finances, skincare routines are an important part of “adulting” and can also be scary.  But finding the right one makes all difference. I could do several long posts about skin care, there is just so much to be said! I feel like every week there is a new tip I find saying I should be doing something differently or trying this new product. The best advice I can give you is to do your own research (I know, no fun!) because everyone’s skin is different. Often I watch Youtube Videos, read things on blogs, and search far too much on Pinterest. Here is my normal AM skincare routine:

Skincare Routine

-Cleanser- A friend told me not to use any cleanser that foams, something about that is bad for the skin, honestly, I forget the exact reasoning, but the fact stayed in my mind. She worked for an all-natural skincare store, so I trust her advice. Also, look for something with not a ton of ingredients.

-Toner- When I lived in Germany, my skin went crazy at first, i.e. breaking out like crazy. I went to Lush and the saleslady recommended a toner. Apparently, water is different everywhere and my Floridian raised skin was not liking the harsh German tap water, enter the toner fix. I spritz this a few times and then gently pat my face to work the toner in.

-Serum- It’s like caffeine for your face! But seriously, there are all different serums out there for your skin depending on what you need. Need brightening? There is a serum for that! Need some help with wrinkles? There is a serum for that! Need help with oil? There is a serum for that! Your best bet is to go to your favorite skincare store and ask for help.

-Moisturizer- My mother always reminds me to moisturize my neck too. You can get wrinkles there too, so its important. Generally, you should put on your moisturizer then wait 10 minutes for it to set before applying anything else. I like to use that time to pack my purse for the day, brush my teeth, and do my eye makeup, etc. This one is my current favorite.

-Primer- If you are wearing makeup, you should be putting on a primer. It helps your makeup ‘stick’ to your face and can help even out some imperfections. Personally, I like to mix this one and this one. The pink helps correct some discolorations and no one likes pores.

This is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to skin tips, but hopefully this will help you on your “adulting” journey!