8. Bikini


I made my first #100list purchase last week. I didn’t even really mean to make a purchase. I do technically have a bikini but being cursed blessed with a  fuller chest, I am always on the lookout for things that are specially designed for ladies in my position. Frankly, I think bikini models must be photoshopped to the nth degree, because they look like they have “full” chests but the bikinis never look the same on me!

ImageI adore this bikini! Because a) it has UNDERWIRE  but its  HIDDEN and b) it’s an adorable print. I can actually do something active in this top and be okay, because my others, I could only walk at a slow pace carefully. I am not saying I could run a marathon but I could partake in some beach volleyball. I love this print! Too many bikinis for fuller chests are made for people thrice my age, but this one still has a young feel. The ties on the bottom is a cute touch and the straps are removable.Image

PLUS, I can always pair the top with a plain navy or red bottom if I wanted to change it up! I bought the bikini from this adorable store, I smile every time I see the name. Plus since it was a lingerie store, they made sure the cups fit correctly, which is kind of a big deal. The brand is Panache, I cannot wait to see what new bikinis they have out next summer.


The material looks super durable (something NG says to look for) which is great because I HATE it when there are bumps on the fabric from being pulled. NG says not to rock a pattern because it’s not classic enough but I think this is a classic nautical pattern, so I am fine for a couple of seasons. Frankly, I have never meet a bikini that lives past 5 years. And this one is sexy yet tame enough to wear to the beach with family or friends. I think Bikinis need to be versatile, because you are paying a lot of money for something you will not wear all that often. Plus having a few different options to mix it up is a definite plus in case you are going on a short trip!


What’s your favorite bikini? Can there be such a thing?