Back to Basics: Coloring Books

Mandala Coloring PageA couple of weeks ago, I was in a bookstore and I happened upon a whole section of coloring books… for adults. At first, I was merely intrigued, but curiosity got the best of me and I bought one. This one to be exact.

It’s amazing. There is something so satisfying about staying in the lines and coloring something perfectly.  I absolutely love it. As an added bonus, mine has tear out pages so I always a few torn out and tucked away in my planner in case I have a spare 10 minutes. In case you don’t believe me, the BBC recently did a whole segment on the growth of coloring books for adults.

After coloring, I definitely feel calmer and ready to tackle the next problem and after moving back to the states after a year abroad, I can tell you I totally have been stressing out trying to coordinate apartments, movers, and German bureaucracy. Plus, I still keep waking at 4am. Ugh. Jet lag.

Maybe you feel like coloring book is too small, in which case, I would recommend this whole map you can color! How cool! Or one promising to relieve stress? Or a Kate Middleton inspired ones (I might have gotten this as the best birthday present!). Or just browse this whole Amazon section on them!

Summer Readin’ 2015

I read. I read a lot. Like normally 3 books per week during school days, and maybe a book a week when out of school. That must seem odd, right? Who reads more while in school? Well, that tends to be one book for school, and then two ‘beach reads’ as I like to label them. Nothing highbrow, no New York Times bestsellers. Just fun books to give my brain a rest. They just get downloaded on my iPad and filed away in a secret folder so I don’t accidently open them in class.

But now that school is out for summer, my reading habits change. I like reading books about real things, I like learning, and I hate dull things. I also love reading real books during summer. There is just something so nice about turning a nice crisp page. The rustle of the paper, the sound of cracking the spine for the first time, it just feels so adult! But don’t dog-ear that page. I often read when on the train or bus, or waiting for a friend. You would be surprised how many opportunities there are for reading if you manage to have a book thrown in your purse!

Anatomy of Crime

I found this book in a train station’s book store. I am a huge “Law and Order” fan, like it’s my ringtone. So a book about how crime solving works in real life? Um yes! It was fascinating and not too gory that you can’t snack on something while reading it!

The Tipping Point

This book had been on my reading list for a while, sadly. I finally picked it up in an English bookstore and didn’t put it down for the next three days. Even though it was published a number of years ago, it still holds strong. I loved all the case studies and I think I am going to pick up his latest book tomorrow!

Thinking Fast and Slow

Be forewarned, this one is a bit denser but totally worth it. It really got me thinking (get it? ha) about how I think. It took me longer to get through this one. On occasion, I had to re-read paragraphs but I really enjoyed it and learned more than I thought. (So many puns…)


Paris is undeniably one of my favorite cities, this book takes its history and moves it underground – metro stations that is. It tells the history of Paris through the various metro stops around the city and despite my love of Parisian history, even I didn’t know all of these things! I might have to travel back to Paris soon…


Okay, bear with me here. Debt sounds like it would be super boring and depressing, but it’s actually amazingly – interesting! Non-finance majors (like me!) can even understand it. Plus, you can find it online for free, which sold me on it.