Page 6: Road Trippin’

My father and I drove the 17 plus hours to DC to drop off my stuff. It should have been 15 hours but Uhauls really don’t go over 65 mph. Next time on the interstate you see a Uhaul going slow, don’t honk at them. Thank them for being responsible because sometimes driving that thing is SCARY. Especially turns. And low trees.  We did the normal road trip things: stopped at Cracker Barrel and strange convenience stores.Image Cracker Barrel brings back such childhood memories for me. I remember playing this silly game every single time with my brother, it was always a contest over who would win. We never did that great, but we always had fun playing. Now I still enjoy playing with my father and the country store in the front always has the coolest trinkets.

ImageI-95 in Georgia isn’t a bad drive. There are tons of rivers, creeks, streams, and other water ways which the Georgia state has seen fit to post signs about. We spent most of the 130ish miles just reading the names. And counting Georgia Highway Patrol cars. Again, lucky for us the Uhaul doesn’t go over 70 MPH.  ImageNothing quite like a clean made bed to plunk down in for a few restful hours of sleep before hitting the road the next day. I swear this hotel in North Carolina must have just opened because everything smelled and looked brand spankin’ new. It was quite perfect for us!Knee

I spent most of the drive like this because I have tendinitis apparently in my knee. Fun stuff. Nothing like trying to move an apartment’s worth of stuff on an injured knee. Image

The best feeling was when it was empty. And we didn’t get a ticket. Phew.

Ever moved like this before? I feel like I still forgot half my stuff, oh well. What’s the longest road trip you have ever been on? Any good tips, should I have to do this again?