Crafty Katy: Birthday Decor


So this year was a big birthday for me: 25. I was going through my quarter-life-crisis (I cut my hair, went glutenfrei, and traveled to Iceland). To celebrate my crisis, I had a big birthday brunch. I made crepes and everyone brought champagne. The party ended up lasting all day and charades were played for hours. Can we talk about how much fun charades are? The app from the Ellen Show is the best because most of the time, you don’t care about really keeping score and you want something fast paced.

Anyways for my birthday decor, I had a bunch of old maps and hung them using painter’s tape on a wall. It was the perfect backdrop for photos and surprisingly, a topic of conversation for many guests. So many of my friends would go look at the maps and point things out. Plus it turns out, I had a cartographer there (yay friends’ significant others!), so there were many conversations about maps and map making. I am nerd and love things like that.


Crafty Katy: Notebooks

Crafty Notebooks

After my notebook debacle, I embarked on my next quest: covering my notebooks in pretty paper. It’s something I do every time, it just makes the notebooks feel more me. I would buy notebooks with pretty patterns but I can’t really seem to find any that I like. Instead, I buy decorative paper (scrapbook, wrapping paper, even tissue paper on occasion) and add a bit of modpodge to glue the paper to the notebook. *This isn’t modpodge but when in  Rome    Berlin, you make do with what you can explain to the very nice and patient sales associate at the cool craft store.* I  love the results, it’s never perfect but I am okay with that!  Now that my notebooks are all in order, I feel ready to take on this semester of grad school. Now if only I wasn’t stuck reading on a Tuesday evening…

Notebooks and glue