Katy Explains It All: Coral Dress

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On occasion, I get asked for some fashion advice. If it’s one thing I love, it’s to give my own opinion on things. Also, I love putting together looks and often I find it easier to do with others than with myself.

The first thing I always want to know is when is the event? Time? Day of the week? All of these things matter. Then where? Is it in a church, a barn, a country club, etc? Was there a dress listed on the invitation? Black tie is different than white tie… When in doubt, I always recommend referring to Emily Post for rules, and then Pinterest for ideas. You can even take clues from how the invitation itself is worded and the type of invite to get clues on how to dress. When in doubt, I agree with Oscar Wilde and frankly, sweatpants should never be worn in public unless you are going to the gym.

So you have a dress, you like the color/fit/style/etc. The next tricky part is deciding on accessories. The best looks combine color, texture, pattern, and shine (Thank you WNTW). Let’s take this dress as an example:

Fullscreen capture 1072014 90536 PM.bmp

It has shine and shine. All that is missing is pattern and texture. A bold statement necklace is one way to complete the look. For this outfit, I would recommend hair half swept back and curled in loose waves. You want something with volume. Nude heels because any color would overwhelm the rest of the outfit and nude makes your legs go on forever and who doesn’t want that? So onto the jewelry, often the scariest part of an outfit. Here is a great graphic on necklace ideas for different necklines.

The key to every outfit is balance. In this case, since the dress is very feminine in color and shape, I suggest a bold statement necklace. Coral can be a tricky color to match, so instead of driving yourself crazy,  opt for navy blue and gold. I love navy blue and no matter what necklace you get, you are guaranteed to wear it several more times. With your statement necklace, make sure it’s not too close to the neckline because you don’t want to detract from pretty sweetheart top. My current ideas are either a bold necklace like this:

Fullscreen capture 1072014 90519 PM.bmp

Or something frilly like this:

Fullscreen capture 1072014 90525 PM.bmp

I think either styles could really work with this outfit. To top it off, I would wear a thick black liner, perhaps winged. Here are some great tutorials on how to achieve that winged look (TBD, Jaclyn Hill, and Makeup Geek). I would stick with a nude pink-y lip since again trying to match the color would be near impossible and red would clash.

Putting together an outfit for an event can be tricky, I always test run my makeup and outfit a few days before the event to make sure I like it all together. I hate being under-prepared for something and what if  it looks great in my head and terrible together and I don’t realize until 30 minutes before I leave?!?! That is just too much stress for me, so I find it easier to spend 30 minutes a few days before and run through the whole outfit just to double check. But I am particular like that.

98. Wrap Dress

Kate Middleton Dress

I have always shied away from wrap dresses, they tend to be too low on me. Plus I feel like the waist is never right. Fashion designers and myself are in a disagreement as to where exactly the waist is on a woman. Lo and behold, enter the Issa Collection from Banana Republic last fall. The Kate Middleton engagement dress (Yes, that one) copycat is amazing. It fits perfectly on the top, the waist clinches perfectly giving an hourglass shape and since it’s jersey, its pretty forgiving. I own two colors and I swear I must wear one of them at least once a week, it’s just so perfect for so many occasions. Now if only it came out again, I would buy it in even more colors.