Cocktail Conversations: September 5th, 2014

No cocktail this week, I am still trying to figure out what I can drink in Germany. Once I feel comfortable enough experimenting, I will add some, but any recommendations are always appreciated!

My lifeblood is pretty much music videos. I watch them every morning in the states on VH1. My friends joke that I am probably the only person who still watches either VH1 or music videos. Do I care? Nope. I love them. I love the choerographed dancing, the crazy costumes, and most importantly, I love singing along off key! Now that I am residing in Berlin, I had to find a new way to watch them. At first, I was nervous because my friends said that YouTube didn’t always load them because of German Music Protection things (GEMA). Thankfully, the VEVO app works and now I simply put on a playlist in morning on my ipad (or Chromecast if I am feeling fancy).  Here are the current music videos that always seem to show up in my rotation:

All About That Base (it is my song of summer, and I refuse to let go of summer just yet)

Shake It Off (I imagine this is how I appear dancing, and I do not care)

How to Be a Heartbreaker (I just love everything from the catchy tune to the all the colored bows)

Shower (I’ve been following Becky G for awhile, she’s adorable and this song is so catchy)