Page 6: Sanssouci Gardens


So far the weather had stayed nice and mild (knock on wood!) in Berlin, a few weeks ago I headed to Sanssouci for the day. If it’s one things Europeans know how to do, it’s how to build a good park. There was plenty of room for picnicking in both sunny and shady areas. Tons of little groves to explore and trails to “get lost” on while peaking at beautiful buildings. My only complaint is that the buildings (i.e. palaces) are closed on Mondays, which just happened to be the day I went there. I did enjoy the full day lounging about the gardens though! SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSC  SONY DSC

Page 6: Tempelhof Park

Templehof Park

I love a good park and in Europe, they are not difficult to find. Berlin has one of the most interesting parks I have ever had the pleasure going to: Templehof. This park was a former airport that shutdown in 2008 and was transformed into a park. It’s where “Candy Bombing” started and where the Berlin Airlift was based, plus at one point it’s main terminal was one of the largest buildings in the world. Needless to say, this park is huge! In many ways, this makes sense because an airport has not only large areas of paved roads for runways and taxing but also large amount of green space surrounding the runways. The paved areas are now used as tracks for the casual biker or walker, while the large green areas sport people playing games to picnicing. They even have several grill areas and a dog park. Now if only I could go in the actual terminal

Tempelhof Runway

Tempelhof Sky

Tempelhof Kite