3. Ankle Booties

Ankle Booties

I love Ankle Booties! While they aren’t everyone’s favorite, I just love them. It could be because I pretty much only wear dresses (seriously. I don’t own pants.) and they are perfectly paired with a dress (especially this dress).

Often when shopping, I remark “I like the idea of it, but not the execution.” I feel like Goldilocks, this heel is too high, this heel is too low. It’s hard finding the one that’s just right.  My hunt for the perfect ankle booties took quite some time. Every pair was either too high of heel, too pointy of a toe, or just not perfect enough. I wanted something a bit dressy because my wardrobe is overall quite dressy (I don’t really do normal casual per se).

I wasn’t planning on buying ankle booties, I was originally out shopping with a friend trying to find her a coat when I spotted these beauties. I was in love. The heel is the perfect height. The black matches everything and the gold touches are just right! I wore them all day yesterday and my feet didn’t even hurt. Plus they cost 25 euros. Sold. Eek! Off to go find more outfits to wear them with!

***TKC Tip: Keep the hemline above the knee to make your legs look leaner and longer!

Impulse Buys

I feel like the last few weeks have been full of impulse buys. It’s not like I meant to buy the things or that I didn’t exactly need them. They were just unexpected surprises. Some impulse buys I’ve regretted over the years (gray jeans on clearance that I thought I could turn into shorts which epically failed) but for the most part, I find some adorable little something’s to brighten my days.


Like these adorable bar accessories I found in chipella, Florida. I was in a random grocery store and instantly knew I had to have them even though I went into the store to buy breakfast. Bar accessories and breakfast both start with B at least. I had gotten one years ago in a drink and absolutely loved it. They just added such levity to drink and who doesn’t chuckle over seeing a mini pink giraffe latched to your drink’s rim.

I received an email about this sun safety kit from sephora. The review were amazing, so I may have purchased it. Five days later, we took a spur of the moment trip to St. George and I had everything I need for beach days (and nights).

Sadly (or better for the long run), I think my times of discrecenary funds. After running around like crazy to find my apartment for the fall, we accidentally stumbled upon (what is hopefully) to be my place. City living is way more expensive than what I’m used to, and thus impulse buys are going to have to go by the wayside as I learn a new six letter word: budget. All part of growing up, right?