Recipe: Thai Chicken with Soba Noodles


I have started to cook in Berlin, which was a scary undertaking because the stove and oven are gas. I know that gas is supposed to be better but I am still nervous about a) open flames, b) figuring out flame to temperature ranges, and c) gas leaks (which I know are rare, but I am a fraidy-cat). I am starting to get used to it, but it is still nerve-wrecking. I always triple check the nobs to make sure it is turned off all the way. I have to admit I do like how fast the pans heat up, but I am unwilling yet to say which way I prefer.

Anyways, a good friend of mine told me I had to go this grocery store in Berlin. She reminded me several times before I left that I needed to go. I thought, sure, whatever, if its nearby I will go… I have to admit I barely remembered the name of the store, but I googled it anyways. Turns out, there is one super close to me, so I felt I had to try it out but only if I happened to be in the neighborhood or so I told myself. I went today and I can honestly say, total game changer.


What makes Kochhaus so cool is that everything is individually proportioned, so say the recipes calls for 1 stick of celery, you can buy 1 stick of celery. No more, no less. It’s simply amazing, even spices are perfectly proportioned. GAME CHANGER. The best part is there are about 8-10 various recipes set up and you simply pick the recipe you want and pick up the proportioned ingredients. Plus, they even have options for vegetarians, glutenfrei (see, I am learning German), and all sorts of other preferences. It was super affordable as well, my choice ended up being less than 5 per person!

Can we take a moment and appreciate how adorable the soy sauce containers are? THEY ARE FISH. (and they are mini, and you know how I feel about mini things)

Mini Soy Sauce Fish

I chose “thai reisnudelsalat mit huehnchen geroesteten cashewkernen und peperoni zitrusvinaigrette” or as I decided to call it Thai Chicken with Soba Noodles. I love German, but that recipe name is too long. It was pretty easy to cook, my only complaints are that the chicken took wayyyyy longer to boil then the recipe stated and I think the sauce could have been stronger. Otherwise it was a delicious meal and I will so be frequenting Kochhaus this year!