Cocktail Conversations: June 18th, 2014


I love a good cocktail, never been much of a beer or wine gal. I’ve spent an entire summer in Paris and still I’ll take Whiskey over Wine any day. Next fall, I will be in Germany and I don’t have much hope for turning into a beer gal either. Anyways, with the World Cup going on right now, have you ever tried the “national” drink of Brazil, Caipirinha ? It’s one of my favorites for summer. It is so light and refreshing.

Here are some tidbits for your next Cocktail Conversation (World Cup themed, of course):

  1. In the spirit of the World Cup, here is a great comparison of the countries to college football. Apparently, I should root for Argentina? But have you seen Germany? I might have to change my mind but Cote D’Ivoire managed to stop a civil war in 2006, that is pretty darn cool. Choices … Choices…
  2. Would you agree with these best ads? I always love seeing the different branding opportunities at sporting events from the cat mug fiasco at March Madness to IBM’s strange partnership with the Masters. Plus, this one or Landon Donovan’s is quite good!
  3. Fans at the World Cup can be the craziest! The “So Much America” one kills me every time.
  4. Though it may be old news, this video perfectly sums up the differences between American Football and Football everywhere else. Plus, I think it could be made into a movie.
  5. In other news, Beyoncelogues are my new favorite videos on the internet and here are 10 crazy facts to pull out at your next gathering.