26 Goals for 26

26 Goals For 26

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. I am definitely starting to feel older, I fell asleep last Friday at 10pm and  it was glorious. I spent the past few months learning some new skills, and I want to continue that. 26 will be a big year for me, I will graduate from Grad School in the Spring and then look out world, here I come! (hopefully). I decided to try to write down my goals for this year because if you write them down, you are more likely to try to work to them.


  1. Stop being so negative on myself. We all do it, and I feel like I just tend to talk myself into a downward spiral of negative thoughts. Just like last week. 
  2. Eat healthier. Always a good goal to have, I grew into some bad eating habits in Berlin (hello 2am döner). I care a lot about what I put on the outside of my body, I need to start caring more about what I put into my body.
  3. Do something outside of my comfort zone. Sometimes, I feel like I get stuck in a rut and I burrow into my own safety net. This year, I want to try things that scare me. Nothing too scary, just outside of my normal zone.
  4. Do more with my hair. I swear I wear the same three hairstyles: all down, half up in a clip or in a bun. I need to expand my repertoire .
  5. Be happy. I have a great life, and really, I might complain about things but really, I need to be better at being happy in the moment. Remember, you eat an elephant one bite at a time.
  6. Exercise more. In Berlin, I walked more but because of that, I stopped really exercising and that isn’t good. Hopefully, having a gym in my apartment complex will help, especially during those cold winter months.
  7. Express more gratitude. Like negativity, I sometimes feel like I don’t express enough gratitude. I am incredibly luckily to live in DC, go to my dream school for graduate school. And sure money may be tight sometimes but I have to remember that I am still better off than a lot of the world, which is sad.
  8. Be okay being alone. I am living alone this year, so first step is already there but I think I need to become more okay just being alone. Too often, I feel the pressure to go out and do something. Perhaps, I need to “say no” a bit more to these things.


9. Volunteer. I used to volunteer in college and before grad school but I haven’t really the past two years and I miss it.

10. Explore outside DC. Sometimes, I feel so trapped in the district, and there are a lot of cool places within a few hours of DC. This year, I want to explore those areas. Recommendations welcome.

11. Go to a new country. Every  year, I try to get out of the good ole’ US of A at least once, because it’s important to explore the world around you. Hint hint graduate gift…

12. Get my finances in order. Spending this past year aboard, I realized I have money squirrelled away all over the place and its not a good system plus, I might have gone over budget on a few things. Hello credit checks and budgets.

13. Grow my etsy shop. It has grown a lot over the past two years on its own but I could be doing more to help it.

14. Make a 5 year, 10 year and 15 year plan. Even if it involves things like become a princess, it would be good to put it to paper and hang it up somewhere so I am reminded of what I am struggling working towards.

15. Use more accessories. Okay, here me out on this one. I am a pretty good dresser, or so I like to think, but I realized that I often lack that extra pop of a statement necklace or cool shoes. I stick to the tried and true classic pieces but seeing so many great pictures on pinterest, has made me want to explore more.

16. Up my skin care regime. I am pretty good at doing certain steps, hello moisturizing at night. But I think there is more I could be doing. Need to figure these steps out.

17. Take control of my clutter. Sometimes I am quite the messy person. Not dirty just messy. Living with a bunch of Germans this year and their need for organization has made me itching to try it out on my own.

18. Become a better cocktail maker. Too often, I stick with my tried and true recipes, but I think at 26, my skills need to be more than just a rum and coke (I do make a great one though!)


19. Do a better job of connecting with professors. I am so bad at this. I never go to office hours and this will stop this year. I am really good at my connections with my own peers but for some reason, professors tend to scare me. This year I will get better, I have to. Sigh, le job hunt.

20. Take a class for fun. Like underwater basket weaving or you know, a painting class. Whatever it is, I just want to try something new.

21. Learn Python. I have already started to learn this programming language, but I want to complete my codacademy course and maybe learn a new one.

22. Learn to photograph better. Like what is an FSO and the aperture settings.

23. Finish my thesis. Okay, this one a cheat, I have to do it, but I want to do it well and apply some of my new found design skills.

24. Do a better job of connecting with professors. I am so bad at this. I never go to office hours and this will stop this year. I am really good at my connections with my own peers but for some reason, professors tend to scare me. This year I will get better, I have to. Sigh, le job hunt.

25. Up my professional stuff. Resume. LinkedIn, website. Etc. Graduation comes around far too soon.

26. Try new recipes, much like #21, I am a good cook but I noticed I get stuck in a rut this my cooking. Black beans and rice, chicken marsala,, pesto anything and brussel sprouts. Surely there is more to life?

Add one more for luck: Get more active on social media. I have accounts (instagram, twitter, facebook, snapchat) but I could be doing more to understand how they work and how to use them effectively both for my own knowledge and to help me later.

Here’s to hoping this year is better than the next!

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