Song of the Summer: “All About The Bass”

I love music videos. My friends joke that I am the only person who still watches VH1 in the morning. I wish I could say I watch the news, or even the Today show (like my mother), while getting ready but I don’t. I watch music videos and dance around my room. Sometimes, I even sing off key. It’s great because they even show the time in the corner! Music videos just perk me up in the morning, especially good ones. I love music videos that tell a story and have a plot. Or at least cute costumes!

Currently, I am obsessed with this song. It’s my song of the summer. My friends joked I could live in this music video. Apparently, it’s very me: ¬†hair bows, & a fun pop-y beat with a tough strong undertone. I must have watched this video like 10x already. Everything about it is great! I also may have it on repeat right now. oops. What is your song of the summer?

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